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Pre-Conference Sessions

New Counselors as Game Changers: Preparing to Level Up

Presented by: Aimee Hospodarsky, Elementary School Counselor, Shannon Elementary & Carpenter Elementary, Monticello CSD

School counselors in Iowa have great resources and support needed to grow within our state context. Come and learn about these supports that will help you along your journey. You will learn specific connections about the role of school counselors in Iowa and what you need to know about the role of the school counselor TODAY in Iowa so that you can Level Up your School Counseling Program! This session is especially for new counselors (1-5 years) and graduate students. It will offer resources, materials, and support from many of Iowa's organizations that support school counseling!

Understanding and Responding to Trauma within the School System

Presented by: Dr. Laura Gallo, Counselor Educator, University of Iowa

This session will focus on providing participants with information about neuroscience and the influence of trauma on childhood development. We will explore how different types of trauma impact students in the classroom and how school counselors can identify and support these students. Evidence-based strategies such as mindfulness, creative arts, and yoga will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to try some of the interventions - wear comfortable clothing.

Changing the Game: School Counselors as College and Career Transition Counselors

Presented by: David Ford, AEA Prep, Theresa Putnam-Genz, Muscatine Community College (Louisa-Muscatine and Columbus High Schools)

Have you ever felt like you wanted or needed more support to meet the ever-increasing demands of a school counselor? Many schools have partnered with outside organizations to provide intensive counseling and mental health supports. Yet few have partnered with their community college to provide intensive college and career transition services provided by licensed school counselors working in conjunction with the high school counseling program.

Through a broad statewide effort, the College and Career Transition Counselor (CCTC) Partnership creates counselor positions to work directly through community colleges and partner high schools across Iowa. College and Career Transition Counselors support college transition and career exploration through targeted connections with students and families during crucial periods of time in a high school student's life, including college preparation, transition to enrollment, and persistence through their postsecondary program.

Join us to learn more about what CCTC's do and how YOU can create a game-changing counseling position in your community.

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