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Pre-Conference Sessions

Pre-conference sessions are scheduled for Sunday, November 1 from 2pm - 6:15 pm. Registration for pre-conference sessions is separate from the conference. 

Counseling for Change: Leading in Equity and Restorative Practices for all Students

Presented by: Leigh Ann Erickson, Director of Student Support - Mt. Vernon High School

Counselors are experts at building relationships and working to understand the “why” behind student actions.  Let’s use this  superpower to create more just and equitable schools.  In this session, participants will work to identify personal and collective biases, review and analyze data that shows disparities in Iowa schools for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students, and discuss how counselors can be leaders of the equity movement in their schools.  This time will be filled with powerful discussion, engaging activities, guest expert(s) of color, and time to create a personalized action plan to implement in your district.  Join Counseling for Change, and leave empowered to be an agent of change and justice in your district.

The “Art and Science” of Utilizing Data for Student Outcomes

Presented by: Trish Hatch

Since the introduction of the ASCA National Model, data has been central to the theme of understanding how students are different as a result of what school counselors do. Now, more than ever before, school counselors are being called upon to continue to use data in new ways as they design, implement and evaluate their programs and activities.  Pressing needs include serving students during a pandemic, the challenges of reopening schools, increased mental health needs, and the call to advocate for anti-racist education.  As leaders and advocates, school counselors are uniquely positioned to use data to assess student needs in these areas, to determine appropriate student and systems interventions, to monitor progress, and to evaluate the impact.

This pre-conference session will focus on the “art and science” of utilizing data to ensure ALL students are receiving the support they need to develop personally and academically.   Assessment tools for data collection will be shared to assist counselors in focusing interventions where they are needed most, and current resources will be provided that can be used to help support identified student social-emotional learning needs.  Participants will learn ways to identify strategies connecting current services to student outcome data, as well as discover methods to use data to identify opportunity and attainment gaps, and to advocate for revised policies and practices to address systems barriers when needed to address institutional racism.  Lastly, examples will be provided on ways to display your data and share your results to market your program with key stakeholders.  Join this session to experience and understand the power of data to support student success!  

Session Objectives:

  • Identify multiple data metrics that can be used to drive and assess student outcomes

  • Discover methods used to collect process, perception, and outcome data

  • Utilize data to support a tiered approach to interventions

  • Analyze current data collection processes to assess alignment to current needs of students

  • Utilize data to support changing policies and practices that may serve as systemic barriers 

  • Develop strategies to share data with key stakeholders to increase buy-in and support

Mental Impact of Covid:  How Schools Can Prevent & Respond

Presented by: Jen Ulie-Wells, Executive Director - Please Pass the Love

The world for schools was abruptly turned upside down impacting students, families, staff, and the surrounding communities.  The mental health impact will far outlast the virus itself, so schools play a pivotal role in preventing and responding to negative mental health outcomes.  Dr. Ulie-Wells will discuss how covid is impacting the mental wellness of students, families, and staff.  She will provide an action plan and tangible strategies for educators and schools to consider.  The more we do now the less the impact later.

Setting YOUR 2020 Vision - Resources and Supports for New School Counselors and Graduate Students

Presented by: David Ford, Director - AEA Prep

School counselors in Iowa have great resources and supports needed to grow within our state context. Come and learn about these supports from many of the people who will help you along your journey. You will learn specific connections about the role of school counselors in Iowa and what do you need to know about the role of the school counselor TODAY in Iowa so that you set your vision on School Counseling! This session is especially for new counselors (1-5 years) and graduate students. It will offer resources, materials, and personal support from many of Iowa’s organizations that support school counseling!

Attendees will:

1. Identify how to access and utilize Iowa resources and supports

2. Identify the role of various supports for school counselors, including but not limited to the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa’s Area Education Agencies, ICAN, Iowa College Aid, and Iowa Association for College Admission Counseling

3. Learn about Iowa’s school counseling program requirements as outlined in Iowa Code

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