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2020 ISCA Scholarship Winner

Sarah Mumm - Carlisle High School

One school counselor that made a difference for me was, Stephanie Gutherie, from Carlisle High School. During my junior year, I was dealing with a lot of regret and remorse. On one Wednesday afternoon I had a really heavy weight on my chest from something that had happened that previous weekend. I walked into my high school and waited for her. Once she came, we went to her office, I sat down and I spilled everything that was on my chest and as the words were flowing out of my mouth, the knot in my stomach was starting to unravel. The situation I was in was too big for her to handle as a school counselor but she recommended me to try a professional therapist institute. Thinking about therapy was a negative in my mind. But Ms. Gutherie told me how mental health was just as important as your physical health and she highly encouraged me to go try it out. I didn’t know how to tell my parents about what I was going through or what they would think of me afterward. But Ms. Gutherie was always in my corner, cheering me on and being supportive of what I did regardless of how I felt about myself. Ms. Gutherie substantially helped me put myself forward and I deeply appreciate her for that. Without her help I wouldn’t have had an outlet for my feelings nor would I have had a support system through a difficult time.

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