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2021 ISCA Scholarship Winner

Jaymeson Westphal - Prairie High School

When I was in second grade at Prairie Heights Elementary, my counselor, Jodi Schamberger, sparked a little light in my mind. I remember going to see Ms. Schamberger because I had a nightmare that night prior. While venting, Ms. Schamberger listened to everything I had to worry about. She offered the solution of putting together a "Dream Bag" for myself. This "Dream Bag" was a paper bag that I decorated, and included on the inside were little slips of paper. On those pieces of paper were words that sparked happiness inside of me. Whether that was cupcakes, dresses, mermaids, and many other things. Ms. Schamberger told me to randomly pull a single slip out of the bag before I go to bed. And to think about what the paper said in order to prevent nightmares. So I would dream about sparkles and Disney World instead of scary and sad thoughts. Honestly, I don't know why this was so meaningful and such a staple in my life but I vividly remember sitting across from the table making my "Dream Bag" with her. I'm thankful she did it though because I still use the technique of thinking about happy things before I go to bed! And maybe in the future, if need be, I can create a "Dream Bag" for my kids! It just goes to show, the little things matter and that something can stick with someone for the rest of their life.

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