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2019 ISCA Scholarship Winner

My name is Nou Vue. I’m a single mother and a senior at Scavo High School in Des Moines. I transferred to Scavo my junior year, and had one goal, graduate as a junior to work a factory job to support my daughter. I thought that’s what I wanted, but my counselor wanted more for me.

No one noticed my efforts or realized I was struggling. No one motivated me, except my counselor Carmon Rasmussen. She believed I was wasting my potential that I was smart and could get farther in life. At first, I was angry and refused. I shut Carmon out, but she didn’t stop. She made me see I could be better, not just for me but for Penny. She enrolled me into the CNA class at Central. I realized I loved the medical field. I loved healthcare. I loved Science, and in Carmon’s words, loved “blood and guts.” She motivated me to get better grades, to continue going to school, and worked hard to get me into the other college classes.

Without Carmon, I would’ve lost my motivation, wouldn’t have college credits or my job. I have goals because of Carmon. She saw my potential and believed in me. She had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. I now realize what I want to be, a good mother and a pediatrician. Without Carmon, I would have settled for a high school diploma, but now I won’t settle until I have my medical degree.

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